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house for pink floyd

"O casă pentru Pink Floyd" este un concurs internaţional de arhitectură deschis tuturor arhitecţilor şi studenţilor arhitecţi care doresc să accepte o asemenea provocare. Concursul se va axa pe crearea oricărui obiect de arhitectură care transcende regulile şi standardizările şi care inovează prin el însuşi. Nu există constrângeri legate de sit, program sau mărime, pentru a oferi maxim de libertate participanţilor.


Mai multe detalii:

Dear Architect,


On August 28th, nine days before his 70th birthday, Roger Waters (who, as a student of architecture was one of the founding members of the celebrated group Pink Floyd, and who continues to be a major force in music) will give a concert in Bucharest, Romania, as part of his THE WALL TOUR.

On this occasion we are launching now the international competition: A HOUSE FOR PINK FLOYD, which will culminate with an exhibition in Bucharest, at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu," (UAUIM) a prestigious architecture school, the oldest and the most important in the country.

In association with UAUIM and ADEP (Atelierul de Proiectare) ICARCH is proud to announce an event that it hopes will impact the world of architecture in similar ways the music of Pink Floyd did.

Of course, it is an ambitious goal and one we certainly cannot reach without you.

We will advertise this event through all the channels at our disposal.

This is about architecture, yes, but it is about an architecture that is not self-referential and autonomous, but an architecture that might even depict the wheels of an army tank square (if we are to paraphrase Louis Kahn), if it is to protest war.

An architecture that will even renounce "beauty," if it is to tell the truth.

An architecture that will refuse to become the slave of social, economic, political, cultural or spiritual conditions it does not believe in.

In other words, just like Pink Floyd's music, we want this event to address many issues, many of them being commonly ignored by both architecture and music.

You can find in the attachments several suggested ways to approach this complex subject: Pink Floyd.

From a protest against excessive introversion, sclerosis and ultimately death, the music of THE WALL, in its largest meanings, forces us to scream against the abuses of Consumerism, Imperialism and  Capitalism, whose main value in life is Money, Money, Money. Through the constrictions of the relationship between a lonely son and his lonely (widowed) mother, a castrating mother at that, it seems, to the difficulties of a sexual life that strangely and powerfully metamorphosizes itself into abusive postures "later in life," thus connecting Eros with Thanatos, through the Imperial dreams of madmen "in power" (except power over their own inflated egos), through explicit excursions / incursions into Cosmos, yes, Cosmos (Psychedelia - the workings of the mind), since there is this aspect in Pink Floyd's music too, that Cosmos which is much more than "outer space" since it is also psychological, through plunging into that darkness that it alone, perhaps, can make us arrive at that TRUE LIGHT that TRUE ART IS, Pink Floyd invites as through music and questions to explore many, many issues.

A protest against Authority is obvious.

A protest against the abuses of those in power.

Let's protest together with them, even as architects, which is also unusual.


But let's also create BEAUTY, that is, THAT beauty that is not afraid of "ugliness" as well, if without it TRUTH cannot be reached. That more complex sense of beauty is not easy to reach, but the Gothic builders did achieve it, to mention just an example, by depicting through their buildings not only angels and whiteness and purity, but also their very opposite: devils, darkness and the scandal for the intelligence that the labyrinth represents.

So we invite you now to design a symbolic and concrete, at the same time, HOUSE FOR PINK FLOYD.

Since this will be an event of large dimensions and the need for a good organization and administration are high, we ask you to announce us of your interest to participate. There is no registration fee, but we ask you to fill in the registration form to be found at  www.adep.ro/contest.     

The deadline to submit your work is August 10th, 2013.

The opening of the exhibition will be on the 20th of August, 2013 and it will last until the 10th of September, 2013. The exhibition will take place at The University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest.

We hope to make Roger Waters see it, after his concert in Bucharest.

And, if a success, we hope to make the exhibition travel.

We will also publish the best works in the magazine published by ADEP.


If you have any questions related to this competition please be kind and contact us. We will have an international jury, composed of several architects from different countries. The names of the members of the jury will be announced soon, when we will also announce the prizes we hope to be able to offer. This is a work in progress of a certain magnitude and we do hope to be able to bring it to the attention of Roger Waters, since this is mainly our homage to him.


Thank you,



A fost anunţată componenţa juriului pentru competiţia A HOUSE FOR PINK FLOYD:


Dear Architect,

We are pleased to announce below the international jury for the competition "A HOUSE FOR PINK FLOYD," organized in association with ADEP and UAUIM in Bucharest, Romania.

We invite you to join the competition, which will have a series of satellite events as well: an exhibition at The University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest, Romania, the oldest and the most important in the country, between August 20th - September 10th, then the publication of the best works in the architecture magazine produced by ADEP (Atelierul de Proiectare); and a possibility that the exhibition will travel to New York and other cities.
We are also working to bring Roger Waters, who will give a concert in Bucharest on August 28th as part of his WALL TOUR, to see the exhibition and participate in the judging process. There are almost 400 registrants, and we hope that by the deadline (August 10th) there will be more.

Beyond this, we feel that honoring the inspirational music of Pink Floyd through architecture is a very interesting endeavor, and we hope that this project, and their music,  will inspire you as much as it inspires us!

The deadline for registration is August 1st and the deadline to send your work in is August 10th.

To register and learn about the competition requirements please visit:





Competition Jury:


juriu a house for pink floyd



Orhan Ayyüce is a senior editor for Archinect and writes about architecture, urbanism, people, politics, arts and culture. As an active member of Archinect's editorial team, his feature articles, interviews and other content are frequently published. Orhan also works behind the scenes instigating and developing content by other contributors. In addition to his writing in Archinect, elseplace features many spontaneous ideas, reviews, photography and commentary about the issues he is interested in, and documentation of all kinds of architecture. Orhan is a licensed architect in California with a small practice and teaches architecture studios at schools including California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Woodbury University, & East LA College.

Juan Azulay is director of the 11 year old firm Matter Management. He has led projects ranging from the Aquatic Terrarium for the New Barcelona Zoo (2001), the winning entry to the MAK Vertical Garden Competition (2006), a master plan for Shaoxing, China (2010), and the media architecture piece Vivarium (2010). Juan’s scope as director ranges beyond the architectural projects of the firm to include both film and media – including projects such as Flood Stains (2010) – a collaboration with legendary No Wave artist Lydia Lunch – and The Blue of Noon (2011), an epic desert film essay. His work in this realm has led to his inclusion as a member on the Board of Directors of the Society for Moving Images about the Built Environment. Juan has taught graduate, post-graduate and undergraduate design studios at SCI-Arc, as well as Visual Studies. He has also taught at Columbia University’s GSAPP, the University of Miami and Barcelona’s ETSAV.


Ezio Blasetti, registered architect TEE-TCG, holds a masters of science in advanced architectural design from Columbia University after having previously studied in Athens and Paris. In 2009 he co-founded ahylo, an architectural design, research and construction practice as well as “apomechanes”, an annual intensive summer studio on algorithmic processes and fabrication; he is founder of algorithmicdesign.net.  Ezio is 1/3 of Serge Studio and his recent collaborations include biothing, Acconci studio and AUM studio. His recent work as a project architect at Acconci Studio has received awards in international competitions – 2008 Annual Design Review I.D. / Perm Museum XXI / Kravi Hora Sculpture Park. He has taught generative design studios and seminars by means of computational geometry at Pratt Institute, the Architectural Association Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University. In 2004 he co-founded otn studio, a design-build practice and completing several projects in Greece. His work has been exhibited and published internationally and is part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou (with biothing).


Kenneth Cameron is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher in overlapping disciplines of architecture, interactive art, and new media.  He is currently conducting design based research investigating urban soundscapes at the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of California Irvine and has exhibited related installation work at the annual Soundwalk art event in Long Beach, CA.  Kenneth works as an Instructor in the Graduate Environmental Design Program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and has instructed design studios, courses and workshops in art and technology design at Art Center, SCI-Arc, and UC Irvine.  He holds a Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and is currently pursuing post graduate research in technology and design studies at UC Irvine related to Ambient and Locative Media.  Kenneth is the founder and design director of the multidisciplinary design studio FOURWALL and maintains an art and technology blog covering interactive environments and new media at www.fourwalling.com.
Invited once to present his work at Columbia University, Dan Coma was introduced by Kenneth Frampton as "the immigrant par excellence, not just in space, but also in time"... and maybe this description was not wrong. Even his name was not a certitude... he just recently learned that his true first name was not in fact Dan, but Ioan, his middle name until then. And despairingly, some years ago, he called himself + - Ion, like in electricity. His CV ended in 1989, when his shadow refused to continue to be attached to his body and decided instead to follow him from a distance of about two feet... Today Ioan Dan Coma calls himself an "unarchitect" and "unfounder" of ICARCH (www.icarch.us), or in a darker and more general sense, a "duskitect." He is the "unfounder" of Architects A D Rift - since he often felt like a stranger on this earth, not quite different from the one described by Baudelaire in his poem L'Etranger, whose only friends were the clouds, the clouds... and if asked what he preferred, the Sun, or the Moon, he most surely would have said: the Moon, the Moon, although his hero was always Echnaton.


Eric Ellingsen co-directs the Institut für Raumexperimente. Co-directing involves teaching, curating, moderating, critiquing, and administrating.  Eric established Species of Space in 2009 as a platform through which art, architecture, writing and performance can converge through spatial practices. Education means the world to him. Eric has master’s degrees in Architecture, and Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and in Classical Philosophy from St. John's College. Before moving to Berlin, Eric taught architecture and landscape architecture full time (studios, history, and theory) at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he also helped start a Masters of Landscape Architecture program, and served as its assistant director. He has taught part time at the University of Toronto and assisted a team of architects surveying and drafting finds and features on an active archaeological dig in Aphrodisias, Turkey. He has also worked as a research assistant for Cecil Balmond, and freelanced shortly at Field Operations. He was an editor of MODELS 306090, and has a book coming out soon called Phantom Bilder.


David Gersten is an architect, writer and educator based in New York City. He has been a Professor in The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, since 1991, where he has served as Associate Dean under Dean John Hejduk and Acting Dean of the School of Architecture. He has taught studios and seminars at every level of the School’s five-year program, as well as a series of seminars titled 'The House of Poetry' in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Gersten has been a visiting professor in the U.S. and abroad at: City University of New York; Rhode Island School of Design (RISD); Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain; Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark; Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar and Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz in Bolivia; and Universidad Catolica de Cordoba in Argentina.  He regularly teaches workshops and lectures in academic and cultural institutions though-out the world, including: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, (Denmark), McGill University (Canada), Cranbrook Academy of Art, Harvard University, Yale University, The Canadian Center for Architecture, the National Science Foundation, the Círculo de Bellas Artes, (Madrid, Spain), The University of Puerto Rico, and the United Nations International School.  Gerstens’ drawings, stories and constructions have appeared in numerous international exhibitions, and are held in the collection of the Canadian Center for Architecture, the New York City Public Library’s print collection and many private collections. He has published extensively on diverse areas of research including: The financial markets, ethics and technology, the poetic / material imagination, social justice and the linkages between perception, language and space. http://www.artslettersandnumbers.com/pages/home.html


Edward Keller: Jury Leader. Director of the Center for Transformative Media at The New School; Associate Professor at Parsons The New School for Design. Designer, writer, musician and multimedia artist. Prior to joining Parsons, he taught at Columbia Univ. GSAPP [1998-2010] and SCIArc [2004-09], where he was founder and coordinator of the MediaSCAPES program. With Carla Leitao, he co-founded AUM Studio, an architecture and new media firm producing residential projects, competitions, and installations in Europe and the US. His work and writing is widely published. Ed has lectured internationally on architecture, film, technology and ecology. Avid rockclimber for over 30 years.


Léopold Lambert (born in 1985) is a French architect who successively lived in Paris, Hong Kong, and Mumbai and currently resides in New York. His approach to architecture consists in a delicate articulation between theoretical research and a frank enthusiasm for design. Such an articulation has been explicated in his book Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (dpr-barcelona, 2012), which attempts to examine the characteristics that make architecture an inherent political weapon through global research as well as an architectural project specific to the Israeli civil and military occupation of the West Bank. He is also the author of the graphic novel, Lost in the Line. He finds his architectural inspiration from films, novels, and political philosophy books, rather than in architectural theory texts. He is currently collaborating with Madeline Gins for her Reversible Destiny Foundation (created with the late Arakawa) whose philosophical and architectural work is highly influential upon the role of architecture in relation to the human body.


Carla Leitao is an architect and writer who lives and works in New York, USA and Lisbon, Portugal. She is the co-founder, with Ed Keller, of AUM Studio in NY and Umasideia in Lisbon. She has taught architecture studios and seminars at RPI, UPenn, Philadelphia, Pratt Institute, Cornell University and City College, NY; and co-taught at Columbia University, NY. Practice and academic endeavors focus on convergences of Urban Phenomena, Ubiquitous Cultures, Digital Communication and the generation of political and cultural innovation. Publications include “4 Lines” (Akademie Schloss Solitude) and “City Fragments” (CBA). Projects include built and ongoing residential and institutional projects. Exhibitions and installations include “Suture” (SCI Arc and Telic Gallery, LA) and “True Romance” (Stuttgart, Germany) and Young Blood in Lisbon, Portugal. She writes on architecture, design and technology for the Huffington Post.


Dan Mellamphy (Ph.D) is an Adjunct Professor of Interdisciplinary Theory & Criticism in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Information and Media Studies at Western. In 2012/13, he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Transformative Media. He studied comparative culture and ethnographic techniques with Santa Cruz’s Roger Keesing at McGill, comparative literature and oulipology with Ann Arbor’s Ross Chambers at UToronto, comparative literature and interdisciplinary theory at Western, in addition to modernist theory and practice (poetry, prose, plays and philosophical ruminations from W.B Yeats to Eliot and Beckett) at York. He is a member of Ars Industrialis, Transmediale, the Samuel Beckett Society, and other such organizations/bodies-without-organs, including the Logoclasts’ League. With his wife Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, he has been busy transmuting himself into a living philosophical stone.


Nandita Biswas Mellamphy (Ph.D) is an Associate Professor of Political Science and former Associate Director of the Centre for the Study of Theory & Criticism at Western. In 2012/13, she was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Transformative Media.  She is currently at work on a follow-up to her The Three Stigmata of Friedrich Nietzsche: Political Physiology in the Age of Nihilism (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2011; reviewed by Joseph Nechvatal in the The Brooklyn Rail) tentatively entitled Neuro Nietzsche: Nietzsche, Neural Networks and Noncoding DNA (Coding the Post-Human). Her research interests include Nietzschean political thought, Zoontotechnics and Post-humanism (especially in the work of Gilbert Simondon, Bernard Stiegler, and Réné Schwaller). She is the co-founder with Dan Mellamphy of the annual international Nietzsche Workshop @ Western, and a part-time alchemist.


Kazys Varnelis is the Director of the Network Architecture Lab at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. In addition to directing the Netlab and conducting research, he is on the architecture faculty at Columbia and teaches studios and seminars in history, theory, and research.Varnelis is a co-founder of the conceptual architecture/media group AUDC, which published Blue Monday: Absurd Realities and Natural Histories in 2007 and has exhibited widely in places such as High Desert Test Sites. He is editor of the Infrastructural City. Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles, Networked Publics and The Philip Johnson Tapes: Interviews with Robert A. M. Stern, all published in 2008. He has also worked with the Center for Land Use Interpretation, for which he produced the pamphlet Points of Interest in the Owens Valley.

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